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How does the Alzheimer’s Association keep track of all of the activities of its volunteers throughout the country?  With our custom software, of course!  Volunteers across the country go online to report their local activities to the main office where they can request followup actions, upload photographs of local events and much more.


Interpretek uses our custom system to schedule interpreting services for the hearing impaired across the country.  The system scheduled interpreters, sends out reminder emails and even creates invoices after the job is complete.  The invoices are then integrated with Quickbooks for bookkeeping purposes.


Student Adventures manages school group tours for schools across the country. The custom system developed by our programmer helps run the day to day operations of the business, keeping track of all trip participants and all trip reservations for every tour.  The system manages incoming payments and outgoing billing.  It is also fully integrated with Quickbooks Online.

Business Applications Portfolio

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