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Innovative Business Solutions




All of our applications are developed using a Microsoft SQL or MY SQL database platform.  As a result, we are experts in the fields of optimizing your database for speed and longevity.  

Have a particularly slow query? 

We can help optimize it.


Need a stored procedure, Trigger or View created? 

That is our specialty.


Small Business Networking

Don’t have time to figure out why your users are having trouble sharing files?  Do you need a server set up in your office?

The experts at Black Ink                                     

provide worry-free network

setup and installation.


Let us do a free evaluation of your network setup.  We will provide you with high-value options that make sense for your business.

Think Tank Tech Consultation



Business Applications Web/Mobile

There are many great business applications available today, and it's possible to find a generic application for virtually any of your business needs.

Thousands of companies around the world are using these cookie-cutter applications. The problem is, none of those companies run their business exactly the way you do, and the developers of those applications aren't in a position to modify their software for you.

          That's where
Black Ink comes into play!

We can meet with you to develop an application that will fit exactly what your business requires. 


Instead of changing your business to work with your software of choice, make your software work with your business model of choice.

We can integrate our custom software with our
PayTrack™ e-commerce solution, for even more productivity gains!


Business Applications Portfolio


Alpha Programming Support & Mentoring

Our applications are programmed using Alpha Software® for the front-end experience. 


Alpha is a rapid application

developing platform that

has tremendous power to

create web and mobile enabled applications. 


Black Ink has many years experience using this product in many different settings.  If you are looking for a business solution that has the power to handle your needs, give us a call.

Computer Support

Having any trouble with your computer? 

Even with a good anti-virus solution in place, bad things can happen.

You should run a full scan of your computers at least once a quarter to ensure

they haven’t picked up anything nasty!

If your computer does have a virus or is being plagued by malware, we are skilled at computer inoculations. Black Ink is also adept at troubleshooting other software and hardware computers issues for both your home or office.

 In many cases, we can even connect to your computer remotely to save on the cost of service calls.


                  For a complimentary Think Tank Consultation please call or make a Quick Contact.

Think Black Ink

Every business needs Black Ink.   That's the bottom line!

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