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Marketing Services

Practicing the Art and Science of Marketing

Social Media

Social media is not traditional advertising. Successful social engagement will includes at least one of the following:





Black Ink can help you connect by creating a social media strategy that fits your business.

Blog Posts


Boost SEO: Google LOVES fresh

content to index!

Develop relationships: Engage your audience!

Connect on a personal level: People do business with people


Become an industry authority:

Build trust and solidify your brand


Promote Sharing: Create content that's worth a

Like, Comment, or Share


Black Ink can create and manage a  BLOG that's right for your business. We'll even write content!

Email Marketing


People decide whether to open an email or delete it in less than two seconds.  It takes a creative email marketing strategy to make sure that your message is even being opened and read.


          Constant Contact * MailChimp

Black Ink will create and manage

an email campaign that will increase

your open rate and click-through rate.

Business Development


Every product or service that your organization offers is a profit center.  We are ready to help you create new profit centers for your business and help you maximize the earning potential of the ones you have in place.

We will accomplish this by providing you with an outsider's perspective that is unbiased and fresh.

Quite often, businesses are not

maximizing the full revenue potential of

certain products or services.  Fine tuning

a product/service, pricing strategy, or

branding can make all the difference.

Think Tank Marketing Consultation


Google Adwords- Pay Per Click (PPC)


Landing on page #1 of Google search engine results is as

good as GOLD for a business looking to add black ink to

their bottom line.


In addition to implementing a SEO strategy, incorporating a targeted PPC campaign is critical to capturing new customers. We can get you started with any budget!

Google * Bing * Facebook


Black Ink will create PPC campaigns that optimize results.


We live in a world of information overload.

To break the barrier and get your communications

noticed, your content must get attention fast and keep

the readers' interest. Creative copywriting is essential

to win the hearts and minds of your audience.

Website Content * Blog Posts * Social Media * Newsletters * Email * Brochures Articles * Manuals * Advertisements * Phone Scripts * Presentations * Catalogs


We’re ready to write for you. From simple subject lines that get your email opened, to complex web content optimized for the search engines, we will spill a little Black Ink on your behalf.

Search Engine Optimization


Landing at the top of Google's organic search

results, tells the world that your business is a

leader in your industry.

A well optimized website that includes relevant content and strategically placed keywords is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Content * Keywords * Title Tags * Alt Attributes * URLs * Links

Black Ink will  give your site an SEO boost that will help move you up!

Press Releases


Digital press releases do more than get the word out about your business news.  Each release provides scores of back-links to your website, which Google finds very attractive. Using PR distribution is an ideal way to improve your organic search results. (SERPS)


                                        PR Web  * PR Wire

Black Ink will write and publish your news

on the Internet using  the top PR services available.

Sales Consultation

Selling is an art.  A successful sales team is one that has the tools and the motivation to win as individuals and to win as a sales team.

Are your salespeople persuasive, positive, outgoing, detailed and relentless?  

Sales Training Opportunities:

          * Product Knowledge
          * Closing Techniques
          * The Competitive Advantage
          * Negotiating
          * Up-selling & Referrals

Black Ink will increase sales by helping you find hidden opportunities. We’ll provide a free consultation to review your sales organization and offer recommendations for creating a spark that will accelerate sales.

Do you have the optimal...


Sales Structure?

Compensation Plans & Sales Incentives?
Contact Management System?
Sales Support?


Black Ink will help increase your revenues!

For a complimentary Think Tank Consultation please call or make a Quick Contact.

Think Black Ink

Every business needs Black Ink.   That's the bottom line!

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